The Beauty of Science

This video is a response to McLuhan’s notions of time becoming the new space as we “march backwards into the future” (p. 63). 

I found his writing frustrating me, forcing me to tame my biased view of the modern world. I am a strong advocate of technology and the sciences and the belief that the world is a place we make it to be. I love that we use science today to perform tasks and use different techniques to communicate. McLuhan points out downfalls and suggests the purest way to continue onwards is without some of these tools… but I believe there are downfalls in everything and one will change something they don’t like. There is no wrong, but the only right is doing what you prefer. I believe the beauty of the sciences is the ability to choose what you do with it.

This video captures that beauty and represents a relationship between nature and science. This explores my reaction as I read McLuhan quite literally, including several accounts of symbolism.

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