Forces, Force Diagrams & Acceleration

A crate having mass m sits on the back of a flat-bed truck but is not tied in place. Let the static coefficient of friction between the truck bed and the crate be u(s). Find the maximum acceleration with which the ruck can move away from a stoplight before the crate will slide along the bed of the truck. Express your result as a multiple of g.

I am Windows 10. Quite an upgrade from Windows 8 if you ask me. Three years ago I was the shiny, new necessity everyone wanted to get acquainted with. And, if you didn’t know me, you knew I worked fantastic with everyone’s hip and trendy touch screens.

But, I felt like I was hiding something as if you really had to search to find my start button. Furthermore, someplace deeper than my start button, I hid my apps. You definitely had to scroll to find them. Some of these were never touched or they were uninstalled over time to free up storage space. The most weight on my shoulders came from my bloatware. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who disliked it.

I started noticing the negative feedback I was receiving from my users: “Why can’t it do this?” “It doesn’t work well on my desktop.” I was due for an upgrade.

I needed to recall what made me sell. I was the operating system that was new and cool, but that wore off after users noticed my work was replaceable. I already have the pretty GUI people view from the screen, but only I know what truly controls my motherboard. I needed to do greater things, provide innovative solutions, and explore what I Excel in. There is no time to hide my start options, but to instead imbed it on everyone’s desktop. Cortana taught me assertiveness and with that, I demanded to retrieve my hidden files to install my own custom settings.

I began my build, and I am Windows 10.